Travel With Intent

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Travel with intent

Travel with intent… I have recently been traveling a lot and one thing that really puts a damper on a trip to an amazing place is when it is over and you realize your not sure what you did. This does not happen with most people because we only get to visit one or two places on a vacation. But for those of us that are traveling to so many wonderful places, we might get a little complacent. We might forget why we are going to visit the next place.

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Ask yourself why are you traveling. What’s the big picture? Anything from relaxing to learning a new culture. Cooking, fighting whatever it is it will help to have a clear understanding of why you are about to embark on this adventure. So make a decision before you even begin and it will set up for a successful and meaningful trip.

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What do you want to see ( Travel with intent ) 

Are you visiting a place with stunning picture-perfect beaches or a village with deep culture? Anything from the newest theme park to ancient ruins. You should have an idea of what you want to see. You have to travel with intent. I have been to Angkor Wat a couple of times. The first time I knew some things I wanted to see. I was so overwhelmed that I actually missed a few things that I truly wanted to see. So do whatever you need to do to make sure you don’t miss those things. A good idea is to do some research on where you are going. In regards to Angkor Wat, that place is huge! Get an idea where things are and even make some notes on your phone for key places or things that are your must-sees!

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Travel with a theme

Traveling with a theme is a good idea. What I mean by that is if I am going to Thailand for a few weeks maybe I will make this trip all about Muay Thai. I will then gear most of my sightseeing and adventures around Muay Thai. I might visit historic landmarks, train at famous gyms and seek out legendary fighters. This way I will get the most out of my trip while having good focus. Traveling with a theme whatever that theme is can make the trip more fun and you may also get deeper into whatever that subject is because that is the main focus.

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Have a Budget!

I like to keep a budget when I travel. Tings can get out of hand fast. Especially in a foreign country using different currencies. So get an idea of how much money you are prepared to spend on a daily budget. This helps relieve any stress of those last few days and you are getting down to the spare change. Just be smart and prepare for what your planning on doing.

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Expectations to High

This has happened to me many times. I travel alone so my main focus is where I am going and what I am going to see. So what happens when you arrive in a small city and you are just not impressed. Or you see the one thing you traveled to see and, well it sucked. Be prepared for this to happen. You are going places most of the time that are promoted by people to make money. This, in turn, causes them to hype it up. So be prepared for not all places to be as advertised.

I like to visit somewhat obscure places. For instance, I went to the airplane graveyard in Bangkok. This is a place in the middle of the city that has some abandoned airplanes. I get there and there are just a few parts of the plains and it was not really what I had seen in photos that are all over the internet. But I was ok with that and explored. So this will happen.

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Timeframe per Adventure

Set yourself up for success. I have made many mistakes in doing this. I have thought that a specific destination was going to be super exciting and I book a week in one place and two days in I am bored to death. If you are going to a beach it may be better to plan 1 or 2 days rather than a full week. Just think “what if”. That goes both ways if the place is amazing you can extend if it sucks you might be stuck!

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Make Memories ( travel with intent )

Do things that you enjoy and that you will be excited to share with someone else. This also helps to motivate you to do things that might be outside your personal comfort zone. I always try to push my boundaries and make exciting memories. Everything from trying the surfing at the surf house to visiting Area 51. I like to live my life like I am trying to inspire others to try new things and explore life!

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It is go Time!

Now that I know that I have to travel with intent all that is left is to get out there and do it!. Live your life like one hell of an amazing book! I live mine as if someday people who never met me were looking through my memories and they would say damn that was cool!