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1F600 - RENZO GRACIE , NH As of September 2016 this is my new home gym . My review was done before I was associated with the academy . I am now the head Muay Thai coach of both of our New hampshire locations and continue my pursuit to gain as much knowledge and experience in The martial arts here !! 

  • The reason for my visit to Renzo Gracie NH is a cool one for me. I was visiting my sister a couple of years ago and noticed they were putting a Jiu-jitsu academy close to her home. Aware of the reputation of the Renzo Gracie Schools, I immediately told her she should put my nephew in there as soon as he was old enough at that point he must have only been 2 or 3. When he turned 4 my sister showed some interest in having him join after seeing all the positive effects Jiu-Jitsu has had on her big brother’s life. I gave her an Idea on what questions she should ask and told her she just had to feel comfortable. In no time my nephew had a couple gis and is in love with Jiu-jitsu. At that time I was informed that on my next visit I was must visit and train there.Over Christmas this past year I was visiting my sister and got to go and watch my nephew share interest in the same things I enjoy, me being 40 at the time and him 4. Yet it’s the exact same thing. I was being a little lazy and enjoying a holiday diet but the greeting and acceptance I received by Professor Kevin Landry was that of a gym that I belonged to for many years. As his students came in Professor Landry would introduce me to them and all were very polite.Professor Landry told me he would like to roll with me so I sent my sister back to her house to grab my gi while I watched my nephew’s class. After his class ended one of Professor’s purple belts asked if I would like to roll and you don’t turn down a higher belt. I rolled with Tim, a very skilled purple belt. We rolled for a little while; it was a good back and forth. I could definitely see that these guys were trained very well. Soon after Professor came over to the mat and I greeted him. I had the honor to roll with a highly skilled 2nd degree black belt. When we were done he sat with me and we had great conversations about jiu-jitsu and what it does for kids and adults alike. After thanking him again for taking care of my nephew and treating my family like family it was time to head out.
    • Facility

    I have learned that the gym is expanding. When I visited the gym there was a good size mat space with many students. The whole gym was very clean and family friendly. I’ll be very interested to see what they do with their expansion. 

    • Staff                           Renzo Gracie NH w mikey - RENZO GRACIE , NH

    Professor Kevin Landry

     2nd degree black belt under Master Renzo Gracie, Professor Landry was an excellent host and for what I have seen he is great with both the kids and adults. He treated me with great respect and opened his gym to me like we were old friends. It was an Honor to get a chance to roll with such skilled jiu-jitsu practitioner.The other instructors that I met seemed to be great with the kids as I was not there for an adult class. They keep the kids having fun and teaching at the same time.



From my experience at Renzo Gracie NH they have some really good jiu-jitsu guys, training under a highly skilled team of coaches. Again I did not take a class so I cannot give you my input on that but as far as the kids classes went they seemed on point to developing all these kids into the next generation that carries on the values of jiu-jitsu. I would definitely train here if I lived in the area and would tell anyone with kids to check them out, they taking great care of my 4 year old nephew!

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