Mongkol Muay Thai Shorts Review !

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     I received a pair of traditional style Muay Thai shorts from Mongkol Muay Thai .IMG 3996 - Mongkol Muay Thai Shorts Review ! I got the shorts about a month ago and have been wearing them regularly in training  . Traditional Muay Thai shorts are flashy and shiny and have large embroidery on them . These shorts are just that with a little modern flair . They have incorporated a Sublimated graphics on the main material of the shorts . This give the shorts a nice added style, super lightweight and very breathable .

      So what is my opinion on these shorts? I would have to say that they are better than you would expect from a traditional Muay Thai short . Having Muay Thai shorts in the homeland of Muay Thai does not hurt . The size I received is a XL I have about a 32 waist and they fit very well. I prefer my shorts a little baggy so if I was going for the traditional fit I could have gone with A Large with no issues at all . The waist is very secure and comfortable . They use a total of 6 elastic bands  and that seems to be the perfect amount . Some brands use more and it can just be uncomfortable and over restrictive and other brands will try and use only 2 or 3 and they just fail very quickly . The length is perfect for me and if you are familiar with wearing Thai shorts they roll up to make the custom fit perfect for those high kicks. If you have not ordered Muay Thai shorts before make sure you do some research before deciding on a size . I have come to find out first hand that almost every companies shorts are a different size. Most of the time that is because the companies use a different cut or pattern for the shorts , which in return causes the shorts to be different even if they say the same size on the tag . Best bet is to talk to a salesperson when you order your first set from any brand of Muay Thai shorts or at least look for a sizing chart on the websites . IMG 4054 - Mongkol Muay Thai Shorts Review !

     The style on these shorts is modern at the same time classic . The Sublimated graphics on the main materials make sure you will never have any color loss and enables them to have some very cool patterns . The main patches are done very well and after many machine washes in cold water and hung to dry I have had no issues with color fade or any faulty stitches .  

     As you can see in the photo this is how long the XL shorts are and I will be doing a side by side comparison of these and a few other brands in order to give you an idea of the size differences and style differences . They are not to short for me so I feel comfortable wearing them in the gym without blinding anyone with my extremely pale legs !

     All in all I really like these shorts . Very comfortable to train in . Not heavy and have great style . They look like they are going to hold up for a long time ! The shorts Retail for $49 USD and they also have many other great designs so make sure you click the link below to get yourself a pair !

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                      To get your own pair of Mongkol Muay Thai shorts or any of their other products here is the link !!

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