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Syndicate MMA
6980 W Warm Springs Rd #190
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 838-8008

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Syndicate is About 10 minutes from the world famous Las Vegas strip . It is easy to find using google maps !

  • Overall Experience

I have lived in Las Vegas for many years and trained at another gym the whole time . I have many friends and former teammates that train here at syndicate MMA . So before I moved I had to stop in and at least do one class . So on the Friday before I moved from Las Vegas I came into Syndicate to do a class. we ended up doing a NOGI Jiu Jitsu class with BJJ Black Belt and WSOF fighter  Alexandre “Capitao” Almeida .

  The class was a solid NoGi class with good technique and then some live rolling . This is what I am used to most of the time while training. The feel of the gym and staff was great . Very welcoming .

  • Facility 3 - Syndicate MMA , Las Vegas

The gym is Large with all the amenities that a top MMA gym should have . Plenty of mat area , heavy bags , boxing rind ,full size MMA cage , and large strength and conditioning weights are. I really didn’t see anything more that they would need here . The locker rooms was definitely a nice touch .

  • Staff4 - Syndicate MMA , Las Vegas

The Staff was very nice and informative . The are very Knowledgeable in all the offered forms of martial arts . Most are experienced fighter and high level coaches . On the day I visited most of the coaches were with fighters . There was a UFC event that they had fighters in .  

  The Jiu Jitsu class with Alexandre “Capitao” Almeida was great . All of  what I would expect from a high level black belt and MMA fighter. Very polite and informative . At no point did I feel like I was not welcome seeing that they knew I was visiting from another local gym. That was a good feeling. 

   I would definitely  recommend checking out Syndicate for your get in shape healthy training to your high level Fighter training . Like I said I have many friends in this gym now that are very skilled fighters in the best organizations. There was no attitude just a good welcoming feeling .  

BJJ Brown Belt - Syndicate MMA , Las Vegas