Petchyindee Muay Thai, Bangkok Thailand

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Petchyindee Kingdom

36/36 Charan Sanitwong 34 Alley, Arun Amarin,

Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700


1 722x1024 - Petchyindee Muay Thai, Bangkok ThailandPrice

I did a 1-hour private training session. The session price was 1000THB around 32USD for my training at Petchyindee.

20190411 143714 1024x498 - Petchyindee Muay Thai, Bangkok ThailandLocation

As far as the location of the gym in relation to other things you might be doing or where you are staying in Bangkok, I am really not sure. I was staying on Soi9 Sukhumvit and I took a grab taxi over to the gym. So best bet just get a grab and it was back into a small neighborhood in the city.

4 967x1024 - Petchyindee Muay Thai, Bangkok ThailandStaff

The staff at the front desk were super friendly when I arrived and offered me a bottle of water. They contacted my coach for the session. I will be totally honest my coach at first was not very engaging he was a younger trainer. Seemed more interested in watching the second Independence Day on tv. While I warmed up for 15 minutes of the 1-hour training.

Now once we got into training that changed and he was interested in what I was saying and he was very attentive. Correcting any mistakes in the things he was showing me. I did ask for some clinch techniques and he was happy to show me some things and let us drill them.

I was coming off some antibiotics from a previous cold. My cardio felt horrible but the trainer understood and was cool with the pace of the training. So all in all the trainer was good and the staff very pleasant.

20190411 142722 1024x498 - Petchyindee Muay Thai, Bangkok ThailandFacility

The training facility has 2 rings and a mat area with mirrors. I had seen many pictures of the inside of the gym from social media. I was surprised that this is the first gym that I have trained at in Thailand that was indoors. The training area was very clean and up to date. there is another area outside the mat areas for cardio and strength and conditioning.

The front desk houses a coffee shop and retail area. there are onsite accommodations and if I am not mistaken they make their shorts onsite in a small area in another building.

1 1024x896 - Petchyindee Muay Thai, Bangkok ThailandOverall Experience

My overall experience training at Petchyindee was good. It was quite as the fighters train at certain times and it seemed they do not run a whole lot of privates. That also could have been I visited right before Songkran ( Thai New Year)

I would train here again and I plan to do so. I have a good friend that is a fighter in the UFC who was training here for 3 months when he came to Thailand and he had introduced me to many of the coaches and fighters previously.

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