Things you don’t have to bring to Thailand

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  • Things you don’t have to bring to Thailand

I’m going to share with you 10 things you don’t have to bring to Thailand. 10 things that I have found are not necessary to pack in your suitcase or backpack and lug all the way from home to The Land of Smiles! If you have never been this should help you out!

  • meds unless pm type

Things you don’t have to bring to Thailand. One of the great things for responsible people is that in Thailand the pharmacies are everywhere and they will help you with whatever you need. I have had food poisoning and walked into these small pharmacies to be helped quickly with the proper medicine to make me better in 24 hours. The only thing that I have not found is a good sleep aid medicine so I do bring something like Advil PM. Be careful cause they will sell you prescription grade drugs. They have been literally a lifesaver, I had bronchitis and the owner checked me out and gave me the proper antibiotics all without a hospital visit and the prices of meds are cheap!

  • shorts

You will find with the heat and humidity of Thailand that the need for pants is rare. The reason you do not need to bring too many pairs is the abundance of shopping. Everything from supersize malls in Bangkok to the small street stalls that sell knock off depends on your budget and quality you want. But they are so easy to find!

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  • shirts

Shirts especcially tshirts go in the same line as shorts. They will be available everywhere and CHEAP. so if you don’t want to pack many shirts you can pick up all the t-shirts and tank tops you could ever want at all the markets. Real too knock offs. It all depends on what you want to wear. You will neer have a problem finding them in Thailand.

  • soap/lotion

You will not have to pack your personal soaps and lotions as most that are available in your home will be readily available in Thailand. You can find lotion at all the 7 11s and markets. Everything from name brands from the states to stuff that is just popular in Asia. If you have a specific soap or lotion that you must have, bring it otherwise just pick it up in the country.

  • suntan lotion but is cheaper in the states

If you are of the fairer skin tones you can get sunscreen at all the pharmacy and 711 just be away this stuff is very expensive in Thailand. you will pay upwards of twice the amount you pay at home. That being said you still can find it in country so that is up to you. All SPF levels from 5 to 50 you will be covered!

  • toiletries. toothbrush, toothpaste

All of these things that you will need will be available at ant 711. I mention 711 so much cause you will notice that once you are in any populated area they are everywhere! I mean everywhere. So you can get all the normal toothpaste and toothbrushes all over any toiletries or feminine products are available.

  • wifi hotspot

Things you don’t have to bring to Thailand. You will not need to bring a wifi hotspot from home. Most of the restaurants and shopping centers have decent free wifi. Also just make sure your hotel or hostel has the same available. I personally would not try to bring one or to attempt to pay the outrageous overseas charges.

  • international phone access

Along with the same as the wifi, I would personally, and never have used an American company for my phone services while in Thailand. As soon as you get to an airport in Thailand you can purchase a tourist sim card with plenty of high-speed data for CHEAP!! under 30USD will last most people for a month in Thailand. Just remember that your phone does need to be UNLOCKED!! If you do run out of data you can “TOP UP” at 711 for most of the major carriers in Thailand.

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  • Thai boxing gear

Our training gear will take up a lot of space in our bags. I suggest you pick yourself up a new pair from your favorite brand in Thailand. It is like buying yourself a great souvenir. The gloves are cheaper for the most part cause they are not shipping them to us. Places like Yokkao Gym in Bangkok and Fairtex training center in Pattaya have fully stocked shops with all their latest gear! Grab the gloves you have always wanted that you have only seen adds for and don’t forget to grab your Thai shorts!

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  • Gf

Things you don’t have to bring to Thailand!! This one is kinda a joke but I will say this I have always traveled to Thailand alone and I have met some of the most amazing women in Thailand. I am not referring to the bar girls and party scene. This is not my thing. More along the lines that you will find it easier to talk to amazing people and if you use dating apps you will probably feel like a supermodel. Be aware that some people on dating apps do have their intentions. Just be respectful and you will meet some great people.