Fightlab Gear backpack review

Fighlab Training gear backpack

The Fightlab gear bag backpack!

If you are looking for a great training gear bag. Here is the answer. My review of the Fightlab backpack gear bag! I have used this bag for about a month for training and travel and I love it!

Fight Lab backpack

Fight Lab

I picked up this bag from the Fight Lab shop located across the street from the world-famous Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket Thailand. Already doing some glove reviews for Fight lab before, I let them know I would be in the area while I was training at Phuket Top Team. I needed a new training bag and wanted to get one large enough to use for a carry on while flying.

This bag did not disappoint! the bag is big enough for my gear and when I fly it will hold my laptop and a week’s worth of clothes all my training shorts and I like to hang my gloves on the arm straps. This was perfect.

Fight Lab backpack


The stitches over the first month of travel seemed to hold well. They seem to be very strong and I have packed this bag full. the zippers are all heavy duty and do not show any sign of wear.

Fight Lab backpack


I had been looking at all the shops for about 2 weeks and looked at lots of big-name brand bags. Fight Lab offered to have me review the bag honestly I was about to just purchase it on my own. The style is nice The yellow print pops on the grey. The logos are classy and don’t look tacky at all.

Fight Lab backpack

Get it!

I would suggest this to anyone looking for a backpack style gear bag. I love the expandable lower vented section. The headphone plug hole in the top this thing has almost everything. Only thing I would change would have a padded laptop pocket!


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