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Temple of Dawn (wat Arun), Your First Love

The stunning Temple of Dawn in Bangkok Thailand, Wat Arun

    As many times as I have gone back to Bangkok for training or in transit, I always find myself drawn back to the simply amazing Temple of Dawn ( Wat Arun). The temple is set perfectly along the… Continue Reading…

Bangkok Virgin

Bangkok Thailand

   Welcome to Bangkok     When you land after traveling more than 26 hours (that’s with limited layovers) from the U.S. all you want to do is get the hell out of the airport. A long line for immigration and… Continue Reading…

My first trip to Saigon. Ever been to Vietnam?

Saigon, Vietnam

   I had never been to Vietnam before last week. It was time for a trip to Saigon. From what I had seen, it was an absolutely horrible place to be in the 60s and 70s and we lost a war… Continue Reading…

Top Secret Beach on PhiPhi Don!

TOP SECRET BEACH 720x380 - Top Secret Beach on PhiPhi Don!

            A beautiful secret little beach that you can enjoy in paradise with privacy. A short kayak trip from Loh Dalam Bay on the stunning island of Phi Phi Don, and you arrive on your… Continue Reading…

Training Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu??

G0025941 720x380 - Training Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu??

         So lets start off by saying that the title of this is not exactly what it seems . I personally train Muay Thai along side of training Jiu Jitsu .I have trained with Muay Thai fighters … Continue Reading…

Max Muay Thai Stadium ,Pattaya Thailand

20170716 210346 e1507745573162 720x380 - Max Muay Thai Stadium ,Pattaya Thailand

    I visited Max Muay Thai on 2 occasions on my last trip to Pattaya. If you have not seen Max Muay Thai check it out here Max Muay Thai !! Televised Muay Thai multiple times a week it… Continue Reading…