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Temple of Dawn (wat Arun), Your First Love

The stunning Temple of Dawn in Bangkok Thailand, Wat Arun

    As many times as I have gone back to Bangkok for training or in transit, I always find myself drawn back to the simply amazing Temple of Dawn ( Wat Arun). The temple is set perfectly along the… Continue Reading…

Training Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu??

G0025941 720x380 - Training Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu??

         So lets start off by saying that the title of this is not exactly what it seems . I personally train Muay Thai along side of training Jiu Jitsu .I have trained with Muay Thai fighters … Continue Reading…

Max Muay Thai Stadium ,Pattaya Thailand

20170716 210346 e1507745573162 720x380 - Max Muay Thai Stadium ,Pattaya Thailand

    I visited Max Muay Thai on 2 occasions on my last trip to Pattaya. If you have not seen Max Muay Thai check it out here Max Muay Thai !! Televised Muay Thai multiple times a week it… Continue Reading…