Venum Muay Thai Stadium , Pattaya Thailand (Fairtex/Yokkao Thepprasit Stadium)

   I was in Pattaya doing some training at a few local camps and I kept noticing flyers posted up all over for “New Venum Stadium ” fights #1 . Being very familiar with the Venum brand seeing that Wanderlei was one of the first big name sponsored MMA fighters and our gym always had his newest signature gear. I had to check out what Venum was up to in Thailand . I had been noticing a bigger facebook presence of Venum training facilities in Thailand.  I did not venture to Venum for any training at this point but I do love to check out some Muay Thai fights! 

     This stadium formerly known as Fairtex Stadium & Thepprasit Thai Boxing Stadium or Fairtex/Yokkao Thepprasit Stadium , was opened in 2006 and the first stadium in Pattaya from the information I have been able to find . Venum did not do a full makeover from its former glory to become the Venum Muay Thai Stadium , more like me new accessories . The ring looks to be the same ring with all new venum canvas and ring padding branded with the now famous Venum snake logo . There is a small “V.I.P.” area elevated to about ring level and having a long rounded couch and table for your drinks . The Sarama (Thai music) is played live ringside . The judges reside in small boxes on the sides of the ring . The medical area is a basic room used to stitch up the warriors after battle . The feel in this stadium is very authentic . The floor seats are super basic , lawn furniture from my old family BBQs quality and pretty much set up for the Farang . As the case in every stadium I have visited you are urged to pay the VIP ticket price and this does get you ringside . Side note, ringside is not the best view of the fights .  A few rows above the ring itself will give you a better view and photo opportunity . I ended up paying 1100THB per ticket and we did sit front row. Now the fighters families and team will stand right in front of you . So pick your seat carefully .

     The fights . This being the first event under the Venum name , I had no idea what to expect . I did not expect what we got. Almost all of the fights were young fighters . I believe that the youngest was 7 or 8 . The heart that these kids show is amazing . They fight as the warriors they are . There were few female fights , and I was not expecting to see only young fighters it was a good time. I understand that in America we think this is wrong and we don’t take the time to really understand . At the same time we will put our own kids at the same ages into full contact sports like football or Hockey . I definitely am not here to start a debate so thank god I pay for this site and can voice my opinions !  The fights were exciting and the energy was great. The kids fight their hearts out and it can be heartbreaking to see a young fighter lose . You can see the disappointment on their faces . The kids have their piers around them . It was very cool to watch other kids the same age jump in the ring between rounds to support their teammate and friend. The crown energy is electric,  as the crowd was mostly Thai so the betting was heavy ! The love of Muay Thai and of the fighters no matter the age is visible here . You are respected and a warrior if you step into this ring . On this night all the fighters were Thai . 

     The stadium is a short ride from the beach and located across the street from the well known weekend market . It can be easily missed , the parking lot is small . The building itself is old school and no modern amenities , no air con no walls lol. Metal roof  and concrete floors . Nothing like the fancy Max Muay Thai Stadium but definitely a great place to watch true Muay Thai . Take the time and check it out . I am not sure how they plan on the progression of the fights under the Venum name. The Venum training center from what I have heard is a very nice and new facility so I would assume that they will start feeding their fighters into this venue very soon. Take the time to check it out ! 

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