What type of gym do you prefer in Thailand ??

 So I was listening to a podcast on my way home from teaching last night and  the hosts talked about some Thai fighters that they known that had moved to some of the larger western style gyms in Thailand. I am sure this has something to do with furthering their career . I am sure when you go to a Tiger or Fairtex that the connections they have in the industry and on a world scale far outreach that of the small traditional Muay Thai gyms. I have trained at Tiger and Fairtex also found some amazing off the beaten path gyms that I thoroughly enjoy . 

  Training at the larger Western gyms for me , I feel You still get high quality coaching . The facility is most times larger with newer equipment and other training areas such as indoor wrestling and Jiu Jistu .  these gyms are very familiar with dealing with non Thais . I have not trained anyplace in Thailand and had a non Thai teach me . The western style gym with the big money backers have weight rooms and classes that are welcoming for anyone from beginner to pro or the Mom that wants to work out on vacation and say they did that doing Muay Thai . Now I honestly understand it is business and being a former business owner you have to make money that is the goal.  I personally like these gyms and you know that you are getting great training with the best available resources . 

   Training at the smaller or more traditional gyms is a very different experience. When I had the privilege to visit Sityodtong In Pattaya . That was amazing , it seems as tho the gym has not changed much over the years . Nothing to fancy . The staff was very welcoming and the training was great .  Like most places you start jumping rope then moved on to bouncing on a tire and then pad work . All the time the Kru (teacher) is giving you direction and attention . I do prefer 1 0n 1 training if I am only visiting a gym for a short period of time that way I can ask questions and ask about certain things that I want to improve or clarification on something . Seeing that a lot of Muay Thai in the states and MMA gyms have seemed to adapt to more an mma style not so traditional thai style. I prefer to train in Thailand at a smaller or more traditional style gym over the westernized style gym. 

   So Again people these are just my opinions on this stuff please do not take offense or need to defend what ever your preference is . I would love to hear what you all think . What is your preferred training facility ??And why?? Are you just comfortable or is there something that you specifically need in the place you will be training .  I am directing this towards training  Muay Thai in Thailand. I feel like I can train Jiu Jitsu anyplace as long as I have a training partner and I have trained in many places from great gyms to boxing ring to a friends living room before. So while in Thailand whats your preference ??

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